Company Formation
The practicability of company formation largely depends on the laws of a given region. One such region is UAE for a number of reasons. The approach of Pro 4 Ever's to this service is to advice on legal implications, international tax and the entire process of company formation in Dubai. We help our clients in identifying the best business areas where a company can be incorporated. These are areas where your business is incorporated legally, and your assets are protected. You will also acquire access to the worldwide market while at the same time minimize taxes, both locally and internationally. The mission of Pro 4 Ever is straightforward, to help clients avoid unnecessary pitfalls during company formation in UAE jurisdiction. The other mission is to help clients gain substantial returns on their investments.
We as Pro 4 Ever encourage our clients to have things easy and not to hurry in making their investments. This is because the buying trends in certain countries that are served by Dubai can be quite unpredictable. During UAE company formation, it is important to have accurate market intelligence, and this can only be achieved through feasibility studies offered by Pro 4 Ever. Foreign investors usually face fraud problems from those whom they thought would help them, this is just one area which must be looked in to when searching for company formation services in Dubai or even during relocation.
Our keen interests on details and personalized services ensures smooth, secure and cost effective business startup during registration and incorporation to personnel relocation and induction services. Our vast experience in incorporating different kinds of international businesses, together with our professionalism in strategic enterprise management consultancy and registration helps us to provide our clients personalized services that are directed at your business goals and also to make the process easier for you.
We offer the most complete Company Formation in this jurisdiction and consultation services. Our personalized company formation includes the following:
  • Resolution on public shareholding and LLC company establishment
  • Establishing of sole and licensing partnerships
  • Obtainingspecialized, industrial, and trade permits
  • Company establishment in UAE Free Zones
  • Acquiring licensing for off-shore corporations
  • Licensing branch and representative offices
  • Providing full range support service
  • Registration of trademarks