Paralegal Services
Complying with the current legal formalities in any given country is highly significant for any international company in order to legally register the business in the UAE. We, the Pro 4 ever are specialized in offering skilled, professional and affordable paralegal services to both private and corporate clients. Pro 4 Ever team has a good number of years of experience and is well able in assisting in the preparation of high quality legal documents. We do this to assist you understand the process as every stage is explained. There is no reason for hiring an attorney when you have legal support services of Pro 4 Ever team. The highly qualified team will scrutinize your business documents to ensure that you are adhering to all the necessary requirements before submitting the documents. In case any inconsistency is discovered by our team, you will be adequately advised and correction undertaken immediately.
Our tailor made legal services in Dubai include:
When adjusting the share capital, it is important that the documents showing allocation are processed accurately. Pro 4 ever legal team carry this out with the consideration of UAE regulations. Our paralegal professionals specialize in the drafting of these crucial legal documents.
Preparing the power of attorney is a very crucial process. In UAE, the LLC associates can draft the powers of attorney to assists in their business operations. Pro 4 Ever paralegal professionals are highly specialized in preparing such powers of legal documents that are all inclusive and enforceable by law. Our team understands both local and international laws and thus will prove valuable to your business by correctly interpreting the prevailing laws that safeguard your rights as an investor.
Our professional paralegal service in Dubai will provide a timely accurate advice on document notarization in United Emirate courts.
Debt collection is always a difficult job, but our professional team are specialized in recovery of debts from your clients who refuse to pay. Pro 4 Ever team will offer you guidance on debt recovery to make sure that any unsettled accounts receivable never affect your business operations. This will help your business maintain a respectable stature in the eyes of your clients and prospective ones.
There are those times that disputes of shareholders may arise, and this can negatively affect the running of a business. This is a dispute which can be resolved by the corporate prenuptial agreement. This is an agreement meant to protect the interests of the shareholders by adhering to the regulations set when the business was being set up. Our professional paralegal team can offer the needed guidance in drawing such agreements.
It is evident that if no proper attention is accorded to the legal documents, the company or the individual may suffer loses, as a result. Pro 4 Ever professional paralegal team has the required experience and skill to properly create new documents as well as evaluate the existing ones.
We offer all inclusive bouquet of service regarding intellectual property. This include insurance policies and those other services which seek to establish, safeguard and enforce your own intellectual property rights.